strawberry banana flaxseed smoothie

Strawb-nana Flaxy Brown Smoothie

Since starting at a smoothie shop, I noticed that I've caught this weird bug that makes me want smoothies. All. Of. The. Damn. Time. I even salvaged strawberries that were on the brink of death and froze them individually on a cookie sheet so I could make my awesome fruity thangs. What makes my happiest … Continue reading Strawb-nana Flaxy Brown Smoothie


My Strong Dislike for Avocado

I hate avocado. It makes me gag. But I still force myself to eat it because society tells me I have to. I've tried so many different ways to make avocado appealing and I've found two ways to actually enjoy it: smashed on toast or blended in a smoothie bowl. This time, I opted for … Continue reading My Strong Dislike for Avocado