strawberry banana flaxseed smoothie

Strawb-nana Flaxy Brown Smoothie

Since starting at a smoothie shop, I noticed that I've caught this weird bug that makes me want smoothies. All. Of. The. Damn. Time. I even salvaged strawberries that were on the brink of death and froze them individually on a cookie sheet so I could make my awesome fruity thangs. What makes my happiest … Continue reading Strawb-nana Flaxy Brown Smoothie


Busy Bustin’ Out Smoothies for the Silver Lining

I think I mentioned that I picked up a job making smoothies because bills have to be paid and it's safer for everyone that I'm well fed. Well, that job has recently become my life. In February, I started the smoothie job, and by mid-May, I was offered a shift lead position. I finished training … Continue reading Busy Bustin’ Out Smoothies for the Silver Lining

Grace & Detox

As part of my reflection on comfort and self care, I've gathered some of my favorite relaxation tools. An afternoon of self care usually consists of: Comfy bralettes like this lace halter bra from Free People A substantial book Detox tea Journaling or planning with a really pretty ink pen A moisturizing face mask and lip … Continue reading Grace & Detox