Busy Bustin’ Out Smoothies for the Silver Lining

I think I mentioned that I picked up a job making smoothies because bills have to be paid and it’s safer for everyone that I’m well fed. Well, that job has recently become my life.

In February, I started the smoothie job, and by mid-May, I was offered a shift lead position. I finished training last week and made it official with a key to the store and a set of black company-logo’d polo shirts. It’s not the best job but they’re paying me almost as much as my last employer did (plus overtime!). But, as thankful as I am to have a job, I’m still kind of embarrassed to be in the position I’m in. I’m the only person on the team who’s completed college and has 9-5 experience. For lack of deeper explanation, I feel like Terry, the 45 year-old dude who just made assistant manager at the electronics store run by college kids. This might be an exaggeration, but we still both live at home…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what I’m doing, or with Terry’s situation. Although it’s not the situation I wanted to find myself in post-graduation, I’ve found the silver lining of it all.

It looks damn good on my resume.

Before this job, all I had on my resume was assistant, administrative-type work. Now I get to put management experience on there that actually makes me seem adult-like and like I actually know how to do things (because YES, I know how to do things and I am very capable of things!).

Finally something to feel okay about. YAY.

Featured image: banana-date smoothie bowl with chia seeds and a blackberry swirl