Dress Up: Date Night Romper

I finally got around to posting a review on this Tobi romper! I’ve been really busy with the job hunt and even picked up a small job making smoothies and what not. It’s not exactly the ideal situation but at least now I’m not sitting on my caboose doing God knows what.

Anyway, about a week ago, my boyfriend planned a really great overnight date. We drove to Palo Alto and had fried chicken and ribs at NOLA, then up to San Francisco. To save you all the disgustingly sweet details, we got really drunk and then stumbled back to our hotel where we ate the leftover fried chicken. Definitely the best adventure so far.

If you’ve been to NOLA, you know that it isn’t fancy. It’s nice for dinner with friends or a party with your colleagues, but you don’t need to dress up and you get funny looks sometimes if you do. I was the person getting funny looks. Did I care? HELL NAH. I walked in there with all the confidence that this little romper could give me.


I didn’t wear that blingy necklace because I thought it would be too much, but I wore the hell out of that silk Calvin Klein trench that I had to beg my mother to let me borrow. She easily would have disowned me if I’d left it at the restaurant or the hotel. It was the outlet purchase of her life. It’s also as old as me. DSC_0502.jpg

The romper itself has yet to withstand the weather that the silk trench has been subjected to, but it’s lasted two washes so far with no loose threads. It doesn’t feel cheap and the material feels pretty nice. The only downsides were that it kept riding up my butt because I have a fair sized bottom, and I had to use boob tape to prevent my lady bits from falling out (I didn’t wear a bra with it). Other than feeling like I had to constantly fix myself, I really liked wearing it. I think the confidence it gave me and the overall look were enough for me to stop caring about whether or not I’d have a nip slip.

Also, this color gave me LIFE.