Comfort & Self Care

The current gloomy weather is a reminder to take care of myself and find comfort in all the things that make me happy, things that feel like home. There isn’t any particular reason I need to focus on self care, but being restlessly stuck inside the house has forced me to keep busy and not become a couch potato regardless of how much I actually like potatoes.

For anyone who doesn’t know what self care is, it’s exactly that. Taking care of yourself in ways that make you feel good. It’s almost like being your own nanny and then dating yourself (weird analogy, I know LOL). You make sure all of your basic needs are met by listening to your body and not ignoring the physical feelings, like needing to use the restroom or eating when you’re hungry. It also means taking breaks from your daily activities and making time for yourself to decompress and quiet your mind. Sometimes, self care even means treating yourself to things you like, whether you buy a new pair of sandals you’ve had your eye on or get an ice cream cone because you feel like it. I’ve learned that self care is about balance, moderation and comfort.

My version of self care is going to the gym, wearing pink pajamas, cooking with my mom and enjoying a cup of tea in cute mugs. Not only do I find comfort in these things, but these are things I can do on a daily basis.

Over the next few months, I’ll share some of the things that my self care routine is comprised of, including my favorite candles and foods, and thoughts on my relationships and current job searching situation. Feel free to comment your own self care routines!


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