Quick Thoughts: My First Love

Most people’s first love was young. It was confusing and wonderful and probably even a little dreadful. Their first love wasn’t something quite understood, but it made sense that that’s what pure love was supposed to be like.

The thing about first loves is that they’re usually quick to fade, but they will always offer nostalgia. Sometimes you get lucky and your first love becomes your oldest friend or even your spouse, or you’re not so lucky and they become the “one that got away.”

My first love was found at a young age and we still have a very strong relationship. I think I was four or five when we met, and since that time, my first love has been there for me through some of the worst times in my life. At 10 years old, we cried together when my parents broke the news to my brother and I that they were divorcing. We cried again under different circumstances not too long. (Okay…that was a very emotional, drunken night. But, still.)

I can honestly say that my first will always be in my life because my first love is Taco Bell. Stupid, but yes.


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